Gez Cox – Warwickshire Watercolour Artist

Gez Cox is an award winning watercolour artist from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire (UK), an area which inspired his speciality in landscape painting.

Evident throughout his work is a quality reminiscent of the gentle Victorian watercolour artists who have always been a source of great joy to him. His landscapes capture the subtle colours of the natural world. His townscapes are vibrant and bursting with life, and his portraits capture the very essence of the subject in front of him.

Completely self taught, painting has become Gez’s “raison d’etre” ever since realising his talent in 1994. He quickly sold all of his first works and was elected to the society of Fine Arts in 1997, becoming fully professional shortly afterwards. Since then he has won a number of International awards for his work, completed many commissions, and is never more at home than in his studio. He says “It is a great honour for someone to choose your work to be in their home”.

Gez frequently runs relaxed painting workshops in Warwickshire, suitable for students of any skill level including first time beginners. Find out more about Gez’s painting workshops here.


Elected to the Society of Graphic Fine Art 1997
International Artist Magazine – Finalist (Woodland Light)
International Artist Magazine – 2nd Prize (Frozen Pond)
International Artist Magazine – Finalist (Clematis)
Contributor to publication (How to …. series)